Hosting Online

Have your own online Prepper Party & Preparedness Gathering and begin your SurvivalPros Network where you can earn an income while helping others prepare for uncertain times and events that might be the difference between life and death. Get together online with family, friends and others you wish to help learn how emergency preparedness is essential in in being ready for the unexpected. Hosting a Party will not only allow you a great way to earn great products and additional income, but also those you know to save on discounted products and specials. Fill out the information form below and we will send you all the information to get started helping others be prepared.

One of the most essential parts of your SurvivalPros preparedness program starts with a BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) and/or a BIB (Bug-In-Bag). We will supply both male, female and child Bags with all the essential items required when you need to Get-Out-Of Dodge fast, when there are only minutes or hours to be on the road to a place of safety. Our BOBs will have what you need to survive 7 or 14 days. There may also be times where you are forced to stay in a vehicle and wait it out (such as a snow storm). Our BIBs are then what is needed for survival of the next 72 hours. As part of your preparedness gathering you will be supplied with option items for your BOB’s and BIB’s as well as recommended items to purchase locally. We will provide you with the “List of Lists” that will help you when deciding what is the best “Time Line Survival” path your family should be prepared for. Also, included will be emergency contact numbers and websites for more information, but also many how-to-websites that you can print out information to begin your preparedness library for when TSHTF(The Stuff Hits The Fan)