Mission Statement

I believe we are nearing the “End Times” or at least entering into a time when America may be falling on bad times and it is our God given obligation and responsibility to prepare our families and enlighten our friends and neighbors from both natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and tsunamis to more severe potential devastating natural disasters as polar shifts, heavenly body encounters and solar flares to manmade destruction from a nuclear attack or a high altitude nuclear detonation, EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse).

TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It would result when a large part or all of our electric grid were to go down for an indefinite period of time.

This website is dedicated to a term I call “Time Line Survival”, where the head(s) of each family determines, or at least tries to estimate the potential severity and length of time a disaster might be and last and the necessary preparations that might be required to insure safety and well being for their worse case scenario.

Doomsday Castle Profile – Ashley

Doomsday Castle Profile – Brent II

Doomsday Castle Profile – Dawn Marie

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