I believe like many theologians as well as our fellow man, that we are truly in the End Times. However, no man knows when that final chapter will start or end. We only have prophecy to guide us and even that is left to interpretation. Just as God has instilled in every human being about Creation, I believe he also instills in all creation the warning signs that allow each of us to prepare in our own way the final day of reckoning. Some will hear, but will brush it off, while others will listen and prepare themselves and their families. I especially believe this to be true with those who have turned to God’s precepts.

I sometimes wonder how people felt about Joseph, Job, Noah and others who prepared. When Adam & Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, he and his wife were left to learn how to survive on their own and raise a family. When man had become so wicked, God warned Noah that he would destroy the earth in a flood and that he was to prepare, by building an ark and told him what provisions he would need to survive as well as replenish the earth. God, through Joseph, warned pharaoh of the seven years of plenty, followed by the seven years of famine and to store up food to not only take care of the Land of Egypt, but the surrounding areas. All through the Bible God has given guidance to be prepared and in many instances given us instructions on what we should do. God has also warned us of the End Times and prophesied that we are to be ready. We know those people of the Bible received direct revelation from God, so I can tell you I am not in that category, but he does give inspiration to many and in a way whispers to us.

And this I do know, there is a silent movement, if you look for it, to be prepared as in no other time in history. It even overshadows the movement of the 50’s of the bomb shelters that were built. However, at that time it was because of the nuclear age. Today, it is in the knowledge that God’s wrath is about to show itself, so maybe it is time to take heed and like it says in the Bible, look to the branches of the olive tree, speaking metaphorically. And by the way, do not fall into the misconception that “whatever happens, happens” or “if it is my time, so be it” or God takes care of his believers. He does, by giving them the instinct to hear his word and prepare for whatever is to come, in our life time or our children’s. We are the parents and the Stewards of his Creation.

It is sort of like whether to choose to believe that there is a God.

1.) If you believe there is a God and you tried to live by his laws, and after you die, you find there really was a God, you are probably in good shape.

2.) You believe there is a God and there is not, you still have lost nothing.

3.) You believe there is not a God, and you live your life without worry of any judgment and after you die you find out there really is a God, you are in deep trouble.

4.) You believe there is no God and you die and there is no God, I guess it does not matter. The safer bet is to believe, cause then you have nothing to lose. But, then we are talking about really believing.

Even if it does not say in the Bible “God helps those who help themselves”, I am sure he meant for each of us to be vigilant. But, many believers will still die a painful death as they did in the past, so it is our faith that is to prepare us to help as many as we can when that time comes.